Dee Lincoln

An American Dream

Dee Lincoln’s life story is often described as epitomizing the American Dream.

Though her entrepreneurial endeavors have earned award winning professional milestones and she is renowned locally and nationally for her philanthropic endeavors, she remains grounded. Born on the 4th of July, the gregarious Cajun Firecracker has boundless energy, enthusiasm and passion.

After a very successful era in the steak house industry Dee Lincoln resigned her post and has entered into a new journey establishing her own brand.

“I am blessed to have built great relationships with wineries from around the world. These experiences led me to my passion for wine and I’m excited to share Dee Lincoln’s Tasting Room & Bubble Bar located in Cowboys Stadium with you. I am also very proud to share Dee Lincoln’s Dining Room & Bubble Bar located in Uptown Dallas – where my passion for wine and knowledge of food is delivered in a setting like no other.”